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Christ Centered Childbirth

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About The Author
Duhovni pristup radanju
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Kelly J. Townsend CCBE, CCLD

Kelly J. Townsend is the Founder and President of Cascade Christian Childbirth Association, a group dedicated to glorifying the Lord during childbearing & helping all families find the joy and peace in giving birth. Kelly has been a doula and doula trainer for 13 years, working for National Association of Childbirth Assistants (NACA), DONA, & CAPPA. She served as Doula Coordinator for over 7 years at Ashland Community Hospital in Ashland, OR. Kelly is the author of Christ Centered Childbirth which has been published both in Croatia and the United States. She is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Tempe, AZ.

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